Real Property Taxes

Real Property Taxes


Periodically the Assessor's office conducts countywide re-appraisals and updates its records regarding the values for properties in Pulaski County.  More times than not, this means that the amount you owe for real property tax could go up.
There are a few things that you may want to know in order to make sure that you are not paying too much.  You should always contact your tax professional to see how your these things affect your personal situation. Here are a few things to ask them about.


If You Feel You Need to Contest Your Re-Appraisal

Property values fluctuate and in central Arkansas have historically risen steadily, but if you feel strongly that your property is not valued correctly, you can appeal your re-appraisal.  Here is the link to the Assessor's office web site.   You can also fill out an online real property appeal form to appeal an appraisal/assessment.

You will need some evidence to support your arguments, such as comparable sales in the past year.  You can click the button to the right "What is Your Home Worth?" to get an idea or simply go here.  And if you need further information, please feel free to let me know.

Here are some helpful phone numbers and email addresses:

  • REAPPRAISAL DIRECTOR  LEE STEPHENS   (501) 340-3510  email him     
  • ASSISTANT DIRECTOR  MIKE PEARCE (501) 340-8382 email him


Over 65 Tax Freeze

If you are a resident over the age of 65, you can apply for a Value Freeze.  This allows the property tax bill to remain at the same amount and not increase with subsequent re-appraisals.
For more information: KAREN MASON   (501) 340-6168  email her



Homestead Tax Exemption

Also known as Amendment 79, the Homestead Tax Exemption provides a tax credit for property owners on their homestead (your primary residence) property.  There are only two requirements for eligibility: 1) The property is your primary residence (where you live six months or more per year) and 2) You are the owner of record.
You must apply for this exemption.  To check to see if you have it, enter your property information here.    This page  has further information on the credit which is currently $350 per year.  If you have not applied for it, you can fill out a form here

Or you can contact KAREN MASON   (501) 340-6168  email her


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