Not Such A Well-Kept Secret Anymore!

When I give tours to clients who are new to the area, one of the comments that I hear most frequently has to do with what a well kept secret Little Rock is.  They are almost always very pleasantly surprised at the level of sophistication and warmth of the people.  They are amazed at the beauty of the area and the loveliness of the homes and neighborhoods.  It is something that I hear time after time, but it is always nice to hear.!

We are very fortunate to have a thriving economy, stable home prices, and a wonderful quality of life!  It is also very important to note that we have  schools now achieving impressive national rankings and crime rates that have been reduced by 40% since the early 90’s (18% just in the past 5 years!)

If you have never been to our fair city or are considering a move here, take a look at some of the things that others are saying in the national media about what a wonderful place Little Rock truly is.

1) Kiplingers named Little Rock Number One of 10 Great Places to Live in 2013     8/13

2) Outside Magazine just recognized Little Rock as one of its Best Towns of 2013    8/13

3) Museum of Discovery named by Mensa as One of America’sTop Ten Science Museums

4) America’s Promise Alliance named Little Rock 1 of the 100 Best Communities for Young People Three Times in a Row

5) Little Rock  #23 on Milken Institute list of 200 Best Performing Metroplitan Areas – 11/09

6) Children’s Health Magazine names Little Rock 16th Best Place to Raise a Family – 10/09

7) Business Week ranks Little Rock 4th among the 40th Strongest Metro Economies – 10/09
“ ranked the nation’s top 40 economies based on job growth, employment, economic growth, and home prices”

8) Newsweek publishes list of Top 1300 Public Schools with LR Central at #36 – 3/08

9) Little Rock placed #22 on list of Best Places for Business and Careers of the 200 Largest Metropolitan Markets – 3/09
“Only a handful of metro areas have escaped falling employment over the past three months. Yet there are still some places out there that remain attractive to businesses.”

10) Little Rock Chosen as 1 of The Dozen Distinctive Destinations by The National Trust for Historic Preservation – 2007
“Incorporated in 1831, the city has a rich history that is reflected in stately antebellum homes and ornate Victorian buildings standing next door to gleaming glass skyscrapers.”

11) LA Times features article about Little Rock saying, “…the city has boomed in the last decade, quietly becoming a cultural destination…” – 3/09

12) Forbes calls Little Rock 1 of 10 Best Middle Class Housing Markets – 12/08
“In Little Rock, Ark., jobs and wages have grown every month since January 2003, according to the BLS. That solid economic foundation, especially in an affordable market with pro-growth zoning policies that keep the price of land low, means more homeowners who can afford mortgage payments. ”

13) Little Rock’s economy recognized again as a “Hot Market in a Cold Economy” -7/09
“if Little Rock were a stock, I’d buy shares in it.”

14) Little Rock is again noted for its strategic location and conscientious guidance – 3/09

15) Little Rock is named 6th on Most Livable Bargain List by MSN Real Estate – 11/09
“Little Rock is a little like that boy your parents wanted you to marry. The midsized city of 664,000 is stable and safe, with the second most diverse economy in the nation, according to Moody’s Investor Services.”