Why use a CRS?

The purchase or sale of a home is generally the largest transaction that most people make in their lifetime.  Significant amounts of money change hands and legally binding contracts are executed,  but equally as important, a home is where people build their families and their lives.  They create memories and emotional attachments that are incredibly important.  To entrust this process to anyone but the best is unthinkable.

Certified Residential Specialists are Realtors who care enough about their business and their clients to invest additional time and money in their careers .  The CRS network is a professional network of 33,000 residential real estate professionals across the country.  Certified Residential Specialists make up less than 3% of all Realtors.  There are vigorous education and training requirements in addition to documentation of a lengthy list of transactions before the designation is granted.  Certified Residential Specialists are committed to the success of their clients and, as a general rule, are 3 times more successful.  They typically have been in business 3 times as long as other agents, average 3 times the number of annual transactions, and generate 3 times the amount of gross sales.

Certified Residential Specialists receive superior training, utilize cutting edge resources, and have access to an excellent referral network of like-minded professionals across the country.  They are connected, knowledgeable, and experienced.

Why would you settle for anything less?