Tips for Moving Day

Tips for Moving Day

There is nothing more frustrating than settling into a new home, ready to unpack, only to discover the household scissors are packed away in one of the dozens of sealed boxes!

To prevent this experience with your move, let me suggest that you put together a “survival box” before packing any household possessions.  The box should contain any items that you might need before you’ve completely unpacked.  It is a good idea to label the box “DO NOT LOAD” in large print to let the movers know that the box should not go in the van.  By taking the survival kit with you, you won’t be caught unprepared if you arrive at the new  home before the moving van does.  

Here are some things to include in your “survival box”:
    *flashlight with fresh batteries        
    *can opener
    *light bulbs                    
    *plastic utensils        
    *paper plates & cups
    *prescription medications, bandaids & pain reliever            
    *bars of soap                    
    *trash bags
    *paper towels                    
    *scissors and utility knife
    *bed linens and towels                
    *two saucepans                
    *cleaning supplies
    *pen & note paper                
    *telephone directory
    *small radio                    
    *your sense of humor!

Moving Boxes Estimator

Moving can be stressful enough without having to worry about the details when you arrive at your new location.  By planning ahead with a survival box, you'll eliminate some of the frustration of not being able to find the things you need.

Feel free to use the estimator tool at left to get an idea of how many boxes you  may need for your move.  I hope that you find it helpful.

And remember – No move goes without some problems and minor annoyances.  So, keep your cool, and don’t panic when trying to find your new post office, if the utility company forgets to turn on your service, or the family dog digs up the garden in your new backyard.



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