UAMS Residents

Graduating from medical school is quite an
 accomplishment, and I honor you in this tremendous achievement. Now, I am sure that you
 are anticipating, perhaps with some trepidation, the next chapter in your life. I hope that your
 Residency program will be equally as fulfilling for you as your medical education has been to
 this point.

While I realize that this is a very exciting time for you, I know that you have a lot of things
 on your plate right now. Allow me to offer some assistance to ease your mind in at least one 
area. Since you will be staying in Little Rock for the next several years, I would love to help you find and purchase a home in an area that will offer excellent value and appreciation in addition to providing a safe haven for you and your family. I can prepare a personal packet
 of information for you on available housing in Little Rock and then guide you through the sometimes complicated process of purchasing a home. My goal is to do everything possible to make your home buying process a smooth and happy one.

The Janet Jones Company enjoys an unsurpassed reputation in Little Rock. We have the largest market share in Little Rock, specializing in the Heights, Hillcrest, West Little Rock and Maumelle. Our company is very involved and well respected throughout the community in general, and we have enjoyed a successful and long standing relationship with UAMS.

Please call or email me to discuss all the ways that I can assist you. I can be reached at
 501-960-8743 or email me. And feel free to search these links
 for more information on neighborhoods, schools, and how I can help you.